Europe here we come….

Hamelin Rat haus
Hamelin Rathaus

We set off from Apeldoorn with Mike and Kay, Maja and Henk our Silk Road travelling buddies. We had a long day ahead of us before we reached Magdeburg Germany. To break the journey we stopped in Hameln (Hamelin) famous for the Pied Piper. We arrived just in time to enjoy the food stalls and music.  A very pretty town, the building are mainly of wood which has been intricately carved and painted. Stunning. On the streets if you look carefully you can see little brass tiles of rats inlaid into the cobblestones. they have certainly embraced the Pied Piper theme.

In the photos you can see the statute of the Pied Piper, town hall with bells and Peter and our friends preparing to leave Apeldoorn. And one of the food stalls sold beautifully iced  heart shaped gingerbread treats. Here we enjoyed a traditional bratwurst sausage, coffee and cake.

After a restful night in Magdeburg we set off for Berlin – only a short distance but once again we were side tracked to the magnificent Palace and Park of San Souci  in Potsdam – Summer Palace of Fredrick the Great and his son and nephew. Absolutely stunning and we spent a huge amount of time wandering through the grounds, admiring the gushing fountains, the numerous follies and the many different Baroque, and Rococo palaces which are scattered across a vast area of a stream, lake, ponds and forests. there are even terraces of vines and hot houses leading up to the main Schloss.



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