One more castle…


After leaving Berwick upon Tweed we drove south to the Border to Newcastle upon Tyne to take the overnight ferry to Amsterdam. Taking the coastal track we were greeted by the sight of the King of Castles, Bamburgh Castle, an imposing sight not far from the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, famous for its low tide only crossing. This medieval castle is home to Lord Armstrong and has stood on this site from early Celt- Briton times. The state rooms are imposing, grand and the grounds expansive. The castle was in near ruin in the 1897’s until the second Lord Armstrong decided to convert to a respite home, spending more than a million pounds on it. Lord Armstrong¬† of Armstrong Whitworth fame was an industrialist who invented modern arms, airplanes (Siddesley engine), and many more machines.
It is still a family home during certain times of the year.  The views out to the neighbouring islands and the sea beyond bear testament to the importance of its position. Well worth the visit.

Battlements of Bamburgh Castle
Impressive foundations
what a castle should like like!
Windows of State rooms

It didn’t take long to reach Newcastle and the ferry terminal and before we knew it we were sailing on smooth seas down the coast of England to Amsterdam.

Once again we were on the road preparing to meet some of our Silk Road companions in Apeldoorn to start our European tour in our trusty MGs.

On the ferry – smooth sailing


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