Castles by the Score

The scenery of the Highlands is breathtaking and the weather has started to improve slowly. After a pleasant stay in Dower House in Muir of Ord, near Pitlochry we drove onto a town not too far for our ferry point. We found ourselves in Berwick upon Tweed. Quite comforting to see familiar names from Australia on the map as we drove. Blairgowrie, Perth, Dalwhinnie (distillery),  Berwick, Newcastle.


Royal Border arched bridge
Berwick upon Tweed walking the ramparts
buildings on the ramparts
Low tide from the ramparts
Defensive cannon
view from ramparts in Berwick upon Tweed
Lowry’s House and ammunitions stronhold
Ancient stone walls and buildings within the ramparts
Cromwellian church

Berwick upon Tweed a town on the Scottish borders must have been fought over 13 times by the English and Scottish over 300 years. The town is surrounded by tall steep ramparts with openings for cannons facing the sea, ready to repel invaders from the sea. Known as the Elizabethan walls they represent the most complete bastioned town defences in North Europe. Several impressive bridges cross the Tweed river, the most famous was built by Robert Stepehenson, the son of the Father of the Railways George Stephenson. The royal borders Bridge is over 2000feet long with 28 magnificent arches which span the river. It is amazing what you spot when walking around a town. We came across the Lowry a beautifully restored house which was once owned by the Artist LS Lowry – 1887 – 1976, recognised for his stick like drawn figures and town scenes.

In the town there were many churches and one of the most interesting was the Trinity Church of St Mary, the most northerly Anglican church in Great Britain. It was builtin the Cowellian style – very austere, no spire, stained glass or even an altar. These all came later. The entrance is flanked by two Norman like towers.

Seafood is to be relished here such as sardines, haddock, cod, plaice and small sweet muscles which we enjoyed in a quaint hotel called the Cobbled Yard Hotel. It had recently been refurbished and boasted original etched Rose and Thistle glass windows which the owner recently discovered. On all the tables there were vases of red roses and beautiful purple and green sea thistles.


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