Falconry and Whiskey

Children's nursery
Children’s nursery

P1070734.JPGDriving from Thurso we stopped off at Dunrobin Castle and were introduced to an outstanding display of falconry. Dunrobin Castle home to the Duke of Sutherland is one of the grandest homes  in Scotland. Fashioned a like a French Chateau with conical turrets and the most superb gardens, set on the coast overlooking the sea.

Dunrobin castle
Eagle Owl


The eagle owl was very happy to sit and watch his other feathered pals do their thing after he had finished his performance…

Travelled past Glenmorangie a fully working distillery and the aromas and scent of roasting barley and mashing enticed us in. The copper stills are the tallest in Scotland up to 6mts, the height of an adult male giraffe which is their mascot. Plus a sampling of a 10 year old whiskey and a 12 year old one – very aromatic.


We saw a hawk, falcon and owl eagle catching prey and the falconer explained and demonstrated how they trained the birds. Extraordinarily graceful and intelligent even though “tame” still wild.

Interiors of Dunrobin Castle were stunning, beautifully set up to display how the Sutherland family and clan lived their lives.



Such breathtaking grandeur!

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