Bonnie Scotland


Where is your summer UK! we know it has been very hot (around 30) and dry but since we arrived it  has rained every day! Come on!

It was wonderful to reacquaint ourselves with Shamrock again. The MG was stored in a garage in the Chiltern Valley and played a heroic role in saving a person’s life. Ivy covered the roof of this garage and the dutiful son thought he’d help out his father and cut it back. Whilst up on the roof of the garage, the son fell through the roof, onto  Shamrock’s roof. Shamrock broke his fall. If Shamrock wasn’t in position, the son would have landed on the concrete floor below. As it was he suffered 6 broken ribs and was off work for 3 months. The metal roof on the car was sprung back and repaired and looks good as new! Ready to take us on our tour of Scotland and the famous North 500 driving route, along with other picturesque driving roads, before crossing the sea to Holland to start our central European sojourn. Where we will be taking on some challenging driving roads in the Dolomites and the Alps.

Driving up from Birmingham to Dumfries we encountered some extremely heavy and blinding rain; you could almost see the pale golden harvested fields changing colour through the torrents of drenching rain.

Caerlaverock Castle just outside Dumfires  was the first stone castle built in 1220 in Scotland.  The second castle was built a short way  away due to soggy ground. It is a triangular moated stone building with stunning stone pediments over the 12 windows in one wing of the castle. The stone pediments depicted various coats of arms, mythological and allegorical reliefs. The living and entertaining quarters were the height of fashion with huge fireplaces reaching up 2 and 3 stories. A very well preserved and imposing castle.

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