On the Road Again- here we go!

Here we go again! I think we were already planning another driving trip before last year’s Silk Road adventure had finished.

We are in the process of picking up Shamrock, our 1969 MGB GT from Sid in Lacey Green in the Chiltern Valley England. Shamrock has been revitalised with a good going over and service. She is running very nicely.

We arrived expecting promises of exceptionally hot English summers but we must have bought the cooler weather with us. I think the locals are very grateful after enduring many weeks of dry and above average temperatures.

Peter and I are planning on taking Shamrock on a Highland fling around the coast of Scotland, before heading of on a ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam. We are planning to do a more casual and sedate driving trip around central Europe.

6 thoughts on “On the Road Again- here we go!

  1. Have an awesome trip you two. I’ve just returned from 4 weeks in the USA with exceptionally hot weather. Take care, travel safe, I look forward to a catch up with Peter and Gavin on your return.


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