11-12 July

Calais to Abingdon

Loading onto the Eurotunnel

On our way to Calais we travelled through the Ardennes forest, through fields, much to our relief we noticed the temperature dropping and heavy rain clouds gathered.

We stopped at Dunkirque and enjoyed a walk along the foreshore. Soon the rain began and the wind picked up  -11 degrees what a contrast to the hot weather we have experienced. We stayed at the Holiday Inn which is near the border crossing and the rain continued overnight and into the next day our last day!

12 July

Inside the metal tube!

We had a delayed departure due to an incident in the Euro tunnel. But what an experience! Travelling underground, under the sea!

We arrived and drove off for Kimber House, beginning through small villages but the delays forced us onto the motorways.

Kimber House

Finally we arrived to a wonderful welcome and a delicious lunch at Kimber House the home of the MG car Club.

We made it and Shamrock did the badge of MG proud in her consistent and reliant performance. Well done Shamrock and well done Peter for taking me safely half way around the world.

We celebrated with a final dinner at the Dog house Pub where we reminisced about our adventures through presentations of our favourite photos.  What a fabulous end to a once in a life time experience during which we made life long friends.

One thought on “WE MADE IT!

  1. What a great story to be able to regale non-travellers with. Have followed you all with great interest. Congratulations to all involved. Safe home and will catch up soon
    Jim and Chris


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