Sultanhani’s warm welcome

June 28 2017

Cappodoccia to Beysehir

Leaving Urgip was sad but we had to move on to new adventures and sights. No-one has heard of this place but it is in what is known as Turkey’s Lakes district. We passed several very large and beautiful lakes set amongst rolling hills carpeted with colourful wild flowers and lots of livestock.

But one is never prepared for the unexpected. In a remote town called Sultanhani,  Tony one of our team said we must see one of the largest caravansari in Turkey. It was massive, beautifully restored and exhibited. No sooner had we arrived than a smartly dressed gentleman arrived from a neighbouring building and welcomed us. He introduced himself as the Mayor of this town  and wanted us to have morning tea with him in his Chambers after we had completed our tour of the caravansari. We spent a pleasant morning with the Mayor who told us of his dreams and hopes for his town. A charming man who has the best interests of his town close to his heart.

After tea we drove across the Anatolian Steppes of rolling green hills and plains – some places there were bare sand and rock in others there were swaying fields of wheat, sunflowers in full yellow bloom and sugar beet.

June 29 2017

Beysehir to Pamakkale via a real treat  Sagalassos



This, very ancient city is is situated in remote and high Anatolian mountains. Perfectly preserved due to its isolated position, only tarnished by time, earthquakes and mother nature. It is slowly being restored since the 1990’s after being destroyed by earthquakes in the 3 century AD. The most impressive sites were the 2 functioning fountains feed by underground springs, 25 kms away,providing drinking water to the many workers at this site. These springs also supplied the city’s water supply. The fountains have been beautifully restored and only done if they are 85 % intact and in situ with surrounding fallen materials.The mosaic on the floor of the Library was stunning. We were privileged to have the  principal archaeologist  dr Peter Taleon who has been on the site for nearly 30 years  conducted us around this incrdible site plus provided lunch and recounted informative and detailed information of this ancient city. We were so humbled by this experience and felt so special because no-one was there.

Another story at Ephesus.



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