Hello Turkey.

Twin Minarets and Yakutiye Madrasa.

24/25 June Erzurum to Sivas

Peter and I are the leaders for Turkey which means we organised this itinerary with the help of Jan from Hello World who put us in touch with a Turkey travel expert.  It is a full on itinerary with lots of driving and ancient sites.

Throughout Turkey and Iran the roses are stunning.

Ramadan finished today which means the shops are open during the day and into the night now. People weren’t eating until the sun had gone down during Ramadan and this meant around 8.30pm. But tonight the streets were packed with people. Lots of outdoor tables and chairs were set up with people eating and enjoying the festive atmosphere.

The landscape from Iran definitely changed from Iran to Turkey with barren plains transforming into green fields dotted with colourful flowers. In Erzurum there were many sites to see which we did before leaving.

We visited the Three Tombs, Twin Minaret Madrasa , the Citadel, The Madrasa of Yakitiye. It is interesting to note the differences of the architecture over time and the development of the floral and geometric patterns – more decorative than I imagined.

The Seljuk influence on the 13th century Twin Minarets and Yakitiye Madrasa is marked, from other earlier designs.

27 June


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