Wind farms and wineries

Thursday 25 May Turpan to Kuytun

In the cellar before the wine tasting.

Long drive from Turpan to Kuytun across the Turpan depression of flat sandy plains which resembled a lunar landscape. The highway sliced across the plains and soon we were confronted by white slow moving propeller blades belonging to wind turbines, as far as the eye could see on to t he horizon. On both sides of the highway these giants of green energy did their work in the breeze that swept across these desolate plains.  We had seen wind farms in China, but on a scale as this. In some places the white structures lay in never ending rows waiting to be bought back to life. Further on we saw the sandy plains change into bright shining fields of solar panels gathering up this free resource.

3friends at the Chateau winery

Looking down from the chateau.

Everywhere we have driven in China, we have been gobsmacked by the industrious development of infrastructure.

I fear our politicians aren’t really working for the good of Australia or its people but only for their own self interest of staying in power. Australia has such potential to harness wind, solar and hydro power but we are being hobbled by politicians and a very small minority of activists who seem hell bent on reducing Australia to a third rate country. I doubt if our politicians have ever travelled where we have been, only confining them selves to one or two large cities for a look at the Great Wall and Chinese banquet. They haven’t understood or seen how rapidly China is expanding its road and rail infrastructure and power grids. We have masses of land and space for developing wind, solar and even tidal farms but Australia will continue to fall behind. We can’t even build a railway to the airport, China will complete it fast train network from West to East to South and part of the North by 2020.

As we drove on we started to climb again in altitude and the plains gave way to hills then the rocky outcrops dotted with spindly tumbleweeds of the Baiyang Pass, another ideal set location for Star Wars or Spaghetti Western.

Talking of set locations for movies we decided to go to a winery in Changyu called Baron Balboa. We were given a private tour through 7 levels of this amazing winery including private cellars, before finishing off with a tasting of their Riesling and merlot and cabernet sauvignon. This setting looked like something out of the French Loire valley. Obviously a popular wedding photo location too. Have a look and see what you think…

Wind farms as far as the eye can see.


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