Three Lesser Gorges and Yangtze Dam

27 April to 29 April 2017

Everyone welcomed a 2 day rest in Wushan, which was situated on the Yangtze River. The speciality of the area is BBQ fish which can be quite spicy. The cruise up the Yangtze was spectacular. The sheer cliffs towered above us as we cruised down the Lesser Gorges. The dam was finished in 2007 with the huge boat lift being finished in 2015. There are several locks as well between the tow levels of the river. It is used for Hydro electricity, transport and controlling the annual floods of the river. 1.4 million people were rehoused prior to the dam’s flooding.

Driving today to the Dam at the Yangtze we had to have special permits for the cars and we joined hundreds of tourists inspecting the different viewpoints of the dam. We had magnificent views of the locks with container boats passing through on their journey to Shanghai. The boat lift is impressive and can lift a 3000 tonne vessel in a matter of 40 minutes a distance of 187 mts. The locks on the other hand take 4 hours to sail through. There is a beautiful memorial garden to all the workers who helped build the dam and surrounding towns. An amazing feat which was started in 1994.

Tomorrow we have a huge drive of nearly 700 kms so we are off early.

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