Angkor Wat to Paske

Sunrise at Angkor Wat – Siem Reap
Monday 10 April
After exploring Ta Phrom, The Bayon and the stunning Ta Prohm made famous by the Movie Lara Croft tomb raider yesterday, we were up VERY early to get to Angkor Wat to view the sunrise. Carrying little woven baskets with individual tiffin tins which contained our breakfast we positioned ourselves to view the sun come over the ancient buildings which were built from the 1100’s then lost to the jungle until the 1850’s. It is hard to imagine that the moat which surrounds Angkor Wat was hand dug and measures nearly 2kms by 1.6kms surrounding the site. The buildings have been rebuilt by various countries and the bas reliefs have also been restored.
What luck! Yesterday we finished the day with a sunset long boat ride on Tonle Sap lake over to the floating villages situated in one of the largest lakes in SE Asia. This village contains everything from temples, a Catholic church, a hospital and schools. All floating together. So we had a sunset and a sunrise in two totally different locations.

The team at Ta Prohn
The Mighty Mekong

Mighty Mekong – Siem Reap to Kratie Koh Trong Island Cambodia
Tuesday 11 April
Off we go travelling through many villages and bumpy potholed roads to the mighty Mekong, which begins its long journey from Nepal to the sea in Vietnam. The land is very flat and obviously prone to flooding as the road reflects by it poor condition. We spend most of our trip dodging motorbikes, chickens, dogs and cows which run or wander into our path. The travelling is quite slow no more than 70-90kmsp/hr but mainly around 80. After a very hot and sweaty drive we arrived and were taken across the Mekong in a little longboat and then by motorbike to our eco friendly cluster of wooden village like houses where we stayed the night. The river is home to the famous pink Kampi Dolphins which live here in the fresh water of the Mekong. The next day on our way to Paske we have an opportunity to see them lazily swimming around. But it was difficult to get a photo because they surfaced only for a moment.

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