Shamrock – the makeover

Go to Cars on our website and read how Shamrock received its makeover and all the modifications which were added to make it not only trip ready but comfortable for our long journey.

Currently Shamrock is approaching Fremantle on its way to Bangkok. Not long now! More preparations for the trip are being made such as obtaining all our different visas and vaccinations.

The main difficulty will be working out what clothes we need to take? Actually not too difficult because we don’t have a huge amount of room anyway….

3 thoughts on “Shamrock – the makeover

  1. Hi Paula and Peter,
    It’s Mee and Joe from South Yarra Tai Chi class. I wish I have scored a job as a translator for your convoy! Enjoy reading your journay. Sounds like Paula is the writer and Peter is the driver.
    We are going to China for two weeks . Beijing, Huangshan, Xian in the itenery and will travel between the cities by G Train. Any tips on accommodation as this is outstanding in our list to do.
    Enjoy the rest of silk road, and keep up the story. Safe driving Peter!

    Mee and Joe


    1. Hi Mee and Joe
      hope you have a great time in China. Sorry about delay but had connection issues or no internet. All our hotels had to have secure parking. In Beijing we stayed near Tiannanmen Square, But NE area maybe better for you. In Huangshan we stayed in the hotel closest to the top bus station so it was easy to get a bus to Huangshan. I was going to send you the names but the names of all our hotels has been deleted by accident. Enjoy you trip look forward to catching up when we get back.
      Best Wishes


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