Scream! Countdown is on!

The cars have arrived safely and been unloaded in Bangkok and they are ready and waiting for us. So much to do in preparing for our time away. The photocopier has been working overtime making copies of all the paper work we need eg 10 copies of the Carnet. Did you know that even cars need a passport ? – this is Shamrock’s passport. All vaccinations have been done and dusted.
Mike went to Canberra especially to get all our Iranian visas. We will get the Uzbek visa in Bangkok and the last visa for Turkmenistan we’ll obtain in Beijing. We finalized the Turkey itinerary and are now visiting Aphrodisias just outside Denizli and onto Ephesus near Selcuk and Bergama.
This weekend we finish our final packing and organising all the carry on.
We are now starting to feel excited about our adventure.

Shamrock – the makeover

Go to Cars on our website and read how Shamrock receivedĀ its makeover and all the modifications which were added to make it not only trip ready but comfortable for our long journey.

Currently Shamrock is approaching Fremantle on its way to Bangkok. Not long now! More preparations for the trip are being made such as obtaining all our different visas and vaccinations.

The main difficulty will be working out what clothes we need to take? Actually not too difficult because we don’t have a huge amount of room anyway….